Air Transportation Industry Executives List

This major group includes establishments primarily engaged in furnishing domestic and foreign transportation by air and also those operating airports and flying fields and furnishing terminal services. Establishments primarily engaged in performing services which may incidentally use airplanes (e.g., crop dusting and aerial photography) are classified according to the service performed.
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Industry Scope: -
Reach Air Transportation Industry professionals within industries such as
Air Transportation, Scheduled
Air Courier Services
Air Transportation, Nonscheduled
Airports, Flying Fields, and Airport Terminal
And More!
Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing air transportation over regular routes and on regular schedules. This industry includes Alaskan carriers operating over regular or irregular routes.
  • Air cargo carriers, scheduled
  • Air passenger carriers, scheduled
Air Courier Services:
Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing air delivery of individually addressed letters, parcels, and packages (generally under 100 pounds), except by the U.S. Postal Service. While these establishments deliver letters, parcels, and packages by air, the initial pick-up and the final delivery are often made by other modes of transportation, such as by truck, bicycle, or motorcycle. Separate establishments of air courier companies engaged in providing pick-up and delivery only; "drop-off points"; or distribution centers are all classified in this industry. Establishments of the U.S. Postal Service are classified in Industry 4311; and establishments furnishing delivery of individually addressed letters, parcels, or packages (generally under 100 pounds) other than by air are classified in Industry 4215. Establishments primarily engaged in undertaking the transportation of goods from shippers to receivers for charges covering the entire transportation, but making use of other transportation establishments to affect the entire delivery, are classified in Industry 4731.
Total Records Available:- 20,548 Business Executives
Industry Based Counts:-
SIC Industry RecordsSIC Industry Records
4512 Air Transportation, Scheduled 8,606 4522 Air Transportation, Nonscheduled 5,259
4513 Air Courier Services 2,218 4581 Airports, Flying Fields, and Airport Terminal 5,535
Company Revenue Based Counts:-
Sales Records Sales Records Sales Records
8,749 2,030 674
3,068 1,027 87
2,347 346 60
5,128 568
Breakdown By Employee Size:-
Sales Records Sales Records Sales Records
6,350 2,494 519
4,458 1,478 193
6,131 518 944
6,808 390
Breakdown By State:-
state Records state Records state Records state Records state Records
AK 37 HI 99 MI 1,149 NV 415 UT 329
AL 456 IA 581 MN 783 NY 1,667 VA 1,635
AR 144 ID 386 MO 638 OH 1,554 VT 98
AZ 1,140 IL 1,834 MS 169 OK 213 WA 1,648
CA 6,482 IN 596 MT 163 OR 722 WI 777
CO 1,830 KS 346 NC 1,622 PA 1,457 WV 105
CT 760 KY 189 ND 62 RI 76 WY 85
DC 1,465 LA 305 NE 231 SC 641
DE 113 MA 1,387 NH 249 SD 125
FL 2,132 MD 1,186 NJ 1,015 TN 477
GA 1,258 ME 213 NM 281 TX 2,076
Job Title Available:-
Titles Records Titles Records Titles Records Titles Records Titles Records
CEO/President 6,508 CFO 281 CIO/CTO 138 COO 73 Chairman 134
Owner/Partner 12,467 Vice Presidents 1,941 Directors 1,371 IT Executives 1,765 Sales Executives 672
Marketing Executives 386 HR Executives 602 Operations Executives 372 Finance Executives 1,028 Business Development Exec 28
Controller/Comptroller 169 Corporate Secretary 210 Treasurer 312 Managers 4,451 Purchasing /Procurement 82
Administration 744 R and D Exec 14 Others 9,653

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