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B2B Email Listz has come up with Business Financial Serviceswhich boost customer relationship with strong prospects from banking and finance industry, hence making it easier for for marketers who desire to target professionals from this industry. So, let not this opportunity go off !!

The database includes details of the prospects from commercial banks, credit unions, community banks. It covers the latest information of people such as C-level executives like CEO, COO, CPO, VP-level executives, senior management, account management, banking investment consultants, etc.

The pre-packaged list and personalized list are the two available formats of our Business Financial Service. The pre-packaged list provides finely compiled list containing contact information of all the key professionals based on various factors such as industry type, revenue size, and employee size and so on.

On the other hand, personalized list provides you the freedom to select the best list and customize it as per your business requirements. The list can be personalized based on factors such as lifestyle interest, industry type, organization size and other factors. To guarantee top notch Business banking & Financial Services, all the data generated from us are thoroughly checked and cross verified through manual and automated process.

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Business Financial Services

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