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Housed with a crew of talented and experienced online marketers, B2B Email Listz proposes B2C Email Marketing Solutions that can instantly provide accurate and quality contact information of your targeted prospects. Our Business Email Lists services are designed to meet the requirements of various clients belonging to a variety of verticals.

Owing to business competition, availing professional services for Email Marketing Lists & B2B Email Lists has become imperative. In a world where business growth is drastic, many marketers find it difficult to maintain contact information of potential customers and even if they manage to obtain, the available data is expensive and not 100 percent guaranteed. If you are witnessing such a situation, B2B Email Listz is just a call apart.

Opt In B2B Email Lists

Being a leading Business Email Lists provider, we at B2B Email Listz have a master database for smooth B2B Marketing, that covers contact information of B2B key decision makers from both national and international organizations. The contacts in our B2B Email Marketing database are collected from various channels such as online surveys, magazine subscribing, trade shows and others.

You can make your choice either from our pre-packaged or personalized Business Email Lists. In pre-packaged list, you can avail standard information such as name, job title, phone number, fax number, physical address and so on. The pre-packaged list can also be downloaded instantly without any blockade.

If your requirements are beyond the ready-to-use prepackaged B2B Email Marketing List; then, you can always opt for our customized service which gives you the freedom to personalize your Business Email List according to your business requirements.

B2C Email Lists

Maintaining B2C Email Marketing List of influential customer has never been an easy task. To make this chore easy and simple, B2B Email Listz provides B2C Marketing Email List with the intension to help marketers to compete efficiently in this fast-paced marketing world.

B2C Opt In Email Lists

We collect the standard information and match them with our master database and generate the appropriate B2B email List. Once the Email Marketing List is generated, an opt-in email is sent to each person in the list asking permission to use their contact information to send marketing emails in the future. Finally after, opt-in and opt-out process, the B2B Email List is then updated with the opted-in contact information eliminating the opted-out one.

Our comprehensive Business Email List service delivers maximum information to our clients and helps them to enhance their customer base as well as return on investment. The list contains standard contact information such as name, physical address, phone number, fax number, geography and so on.

To know more about our services, write us at info@b2bemaillistz.com or Call Us at +1 866-725-7678.

B2B and B2C Email Marketing List

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